Gordon Mitchell

Furniture Restoration
Located in Southern New Hampshire
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Sentimental Value

Much of the work that I do, includes pieces that are sentimental to the client.  It is an heirloom or it is going to be one someday.  These pieces have a story and when you perserve the piece, you also preserve the story.

I just finished a set of Birdcage Windsor Chairs for a man that told me, he remembers going with his father looking for these chairs when he was a kid.  Now he has a family and will pass them down to his kids.

I have heard many stories of how these pieces of furniture that I am being asked to restore have been passed down or are now going to be passed down to the next generation.  Often the piece belonged to a loved one that has passed on, or was a piece that is associated with that person and invokes a happy memory.  Sometimes it is a piece from a parent or friend, who does not live near by anymore, and the piece was left to them. These objects become so much more than a chair, or a desk; they tell a story and hold memories of people, places, and times in our lives that we treasure.

When I do a project, I give you a set of photos of before and during the restoration. I do this so you will have photos of what was done to your piece and you can keep them with the piece.

You are not just passing on a piece of furniture; it is a piece of history...your history.